Data-Driven Shape Analysis and Processing

This page contains additional resources for our tutorial on “Data-Driven Shape Analysis and Processing".

EG tutorial (original version of our tutorial): PDF

Siggraph ASIA '16 course notes (latest version of our tutorial): PDF


Segmentation/labeling datasets links:

Princeton Segmentation Benchmark (PSB)

Labeled PSB dataset (L-PSB)

Shape COSEG dataset


Results & Code from data-driven segmentation methods:

Project page
Available segmentation/labeling results and data Source Code/Executable
KHS10 Labeled shapes (L-PSB) C++/Matlab code
HKG11 Images of segmented shapes (PSB)
SvKK11 Images of labeled shapes (COSEG)
HFL12 Images of labeled shapes (COSEG)
WAvK12 Images of labeled shapes (COSEG)
WGW13 Images of various labeled shapes
KLM13 Google Warehouse shape segmentations/correspondences/learned templates C++ code/executables